Vasant Panchami is quite famous in all over India. It is supposedly known for welcoming the spring and bid goodbye to the winter months. In this Panchami, almost every Bengali people celebrate Saraswati puja.

Saraswati puja is known as the God of knowledge. It is believed in India that whoever is going to pray Saraswati, that particular person is going to get the blessings from God so that the person gets good marks. So like this way every people especially the North Indian people believes this culture and loves to celebrate this occasion.Every students keep their books and copies near God.

In this puja all girls wear saree and the boys deck up with a kurta.The Indians believes to wear a special colour of dresses that is Yellow. We all believe that Saraswati lives this colour a lot that is why people wear this colour. But personally, I think that this yellow colour goes with the weather very much that is why this colour has been selected to wear on this special day. In this day in the morning itself, all the girls take bath and apply turmeric paste to the face. The concept is very unique, people believe that by applying this the girls will look more pretty. After that everyone prepares for the puja. People invite pandit for completion of the puja. People believe that if a pandit will not do the puja then it would an unsuccessful puja. Everyone gives different fruits and decorate the place with flowers and more things which are needed in the puja. There is a ritual for giving an odd number of fruits like 3,5,7 and etc. Several types of foods are given to God. Arti is an important part of the total puja.

After the puja, people distribute prasad in everyone’s houses. This day is also celebrated as Bengalis Valentine’s day. Like this way, the puja is being celebrated.


Shorshe tangra(tangra dipped in mustard sauce)

So here goes the recipe for this dish..

Took help from the #Delicious addiction.

I hope you are going to like this and you too can try this at your home.Instead of using mustard you can also use poppy seeds.It will taste different and it will also add different flavour in the dish.

  • Cuisine: bengali
  • Passive Time: 10 mins
  • Course: side dish
  • Preparation Time: 10 mins
  • Cooking Time: 20 mins


12 pcs Tangra Mach
3 – 4 tsps Mustard Paste
3 Cloves Garlic – (Chopped)
3 – 4 no Green Chillies – (Slitted)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
½ tsp Red Chilli Powder
to taste Salt – According to you taste.
½ cup Mustard Oil


  1. Wash the fish and marinate with ½ tsp turmeric powder and ½ tsp salt for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat mustard oil in a non-stick pan. When the oil is really hot slowly slide the fishes. Fry 2-3 fishes in each batch Cover and keep the heat on medium.
  3. Turn each of the fishes very carefully. After frying both sides should be medium brown.
  4. In the same oil, add chopped garlic. Fry till the garlic becomes golden.
  5. Add slitted green chillies. Stir for few seconds then add ½ cup water.
  6. Add mustard paste and mix well.
  7. Add the rest of the turmeric powder and red chillie powder and salt.
  8. Add the fishes and more water if required and cover it to cook for 5-6 minutes.
  9. Switch off the gas and drizzle 1 tsp of mustard oil and give it a standing time for few minutes with the lid on.
  10. Serve with steamed rice.

Bangali khaowar

Compared to every food in India we always love to have Bengali food. We love to explore the food of Bengal especially the Bengali cuisine. People from different places visit Kolkata just to have Bengali dishes. Well, other cuisines are not bad, but these Bengali dishes have some pristine feeling of old Bengal. Here in this picture, we can see three types of Bengali dishes i.e chingri Macher (prawn) malaikari (curry with coconut milk), Hasher dim(duck’s egg curry) and Tangra sorshe( catfish with mustard). All these preparation have been done by my elder sister. It was really wonderful to get the beautiful taste of the food.

How to make these dishes?

Recipes are coming soon..


An inventive venture

It is basically called the “food festival”

Of Paschim Bangla(West Bengal).Every year it is organised by our Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee.

It occurs on the onset of winter season during November. It is celebrated in the Mela ground of Rajarhat with miscellany stalls. The place was seen to become thronged a lot just like the ants probing for food. Different foods and the stalls were available there. Different stalls had their unique Bengali names and selling different things. There was the availability of many unique dishes like Koel’s egg, roasted octopus, duck curry, rabbits and many more. The bamboo biryani was seen to be quite famous over there. The preparation was being done inside the bamboo. I tried the octopus, rabbit and duck for the first time. As in Kolkata, all these items are not being found. There were 4 big halls. And there consisted of many small shops. And there were many small counters of the top restaurants of Kolkata. The rare Camels milk was also available. It was such an spellbinding place. The toys and the rides were found over there for the kids so that they don’t get bored. There were a total of 15 counters from the dessert part. The oldest sweet shops of Kolkata made a crowd with their small stalls and was providing varieties of sweets. And there was also shops of different snacks items. All you can say is a perfect place for the food bloggers. And not only the bloggers and the food lovers too. It also becomes the platform of the sauciers to organise the stalls and sell their foods, and to represent their restaurants.

The prices are really reasonable so that everyone can buy different foods. It is a place to taste different flavours of food. A place for enjoyment, happiness, refreshment.An opportunity to taste hundreds and hundreds of dishes. Or we can say that it was an opportunity to taste the Foods of Bengal.

Seven days without you

SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT YOU’ written by Anmol Rana,who belongs to a typical orthodox Indian middle class family.He dared his dreams to turn into a reality.This was his first book which was enough to broaden his career.

‘Seven days without you’ is a story of two childhood friends,who realises their love for each other in those ‘ seven days’.An unfettered love you can call it as.It is a story where most of the people can relate too.A story which explains the harsh truth of the society.

Vishwas ,who was the main booster of this story, belongs to a middle class family of Dehradun. He had to go to Delhi for seven days ,and there comes the main twist of the story. He was quite very excited to go Delhi. The way he thought he would spend it on Delhi has proved him wrong. Delhi was a dream come true to him and the experience0 he got from Delhi was totally diametrical. His dreams got ruined in Delhi ,the place started becoming a nightmare for him. He could not stay there for more than seven days .Those seven days was like seven years for him. He hadn’t experienced these kind of tough situation in his native town Dehradun. Therefore, it was quite tough for him to survive in such situations.

In all this things there was a sweetish love story of Vishwas and Shailja. Shailja was not so good looking girl but her love for Vishwas was genuine. While staying in Delhi, Vishwas realised his love for Shailja. It also made him understood the pragmatical society. Vishwas’s affection for Shailja was another booster of this story. Vishwas realises the importance of the family ,his childhood friend Shailja and everything in those seven days.

I myself relished the beautiful journey of this book..I will recommend everyone to read it once.